Bushveld Terrace Hotel and The Hat & Creek, Phalaborwa Gate

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On the 31st of May 2014, Robin and I left Bramasole very early in the morning for Phalaborwa – an exciting day was ahead of us, as it was to be the official opening of the Bushveld Terrace Hotel at 4pm in the afternoon – and there was still lots more to do!  Three of our Bramasole ladies went with Sean (our driver) as Robin had volunteered their services and guest house experience – to ensure that all was ready for the big day.  When the project started it was to be a restaurant, line shops (which included a florist, biltong shop, Melville & Moon) and action cricket venue. Half way through the project it suddenly turned into a restaurant and fully-fledged hotel!  Both the architect and the builder had to keep their wits about them with the brief changing so quickly and in mid stride.

The end result of the project is a restaurant and hotel, uniquely situated at the Phalaborwa gate to the Kruger National Park.  Also included in the project was the renovation of an existing old house into a guest house – so the premises now boasts an amazing restaurant (the Tempura Prawns are to die for – they taste better than at the sea – and this deep in the Bushveld!), a hotel and guest house.

AHP (113 of 150) AHP (53 of 55)

AHP (5 of 55) AHP (37 of 138) AHP (42 of 55)

AHP (22 of 31) AHP (22 of 138) AHP (110 of 138) AHP (117 of 150) AHP (120 of 138) AHP (134 of 138)

All photos by Andrew Howes Photography

Bushveld Terrace Hotel and Hat & Creek Restaurant – Phalaborwa

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From the humble beginning as a plant nursery in Phalaborwa – became the dream of a new restaurant and shopping centre when the land was purchased by the new owner – halfway through the project and while on site – with the foundations in and walls going up – it suddenly became a restaurant and hotel!!

Before as old nursery

Before as old nursery

2012-08-29 17.09.13 2012-08-29 15.49.28

Saturday 31 May 2014 was the grand opening of the new Bushveld Terrace Hotel literally just outside the Kruger Park Gate in Phalaborwa. We had a professional photographer to take photos of the end result and the opening – once the photos have been received I will upload them, in the meantime – some before and after pics, and what Robin visualised when we started with the project.

View01 Hi Res (Sean Hockly's conflicted copy 2013-09-09)

The Vision

View02 Hi Res (Sean Hockly's conflicted copy 2013-09-09)

Hat & Creek Restaurant

View03 Hi Res

Bushveld Terrace Hotel

A few photographs taken with Robin’s phone on Saturday afternoon and evening.

IMG-20140601-WA001 IMG-20140601-WA004 IMG-20140601-WA005IMG-20140601-WA000IMG-20140601-WA016IMG-20140601-WA007

Nyala Lodge – Khaya Ndlovu

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A number of projects are now finishing off again – now that it’s getting closer to the end of the year.  One of them being Nyala Lodge just outside Hoedspruit at Khaya Ndolovu Estate (formerly Welverdiend).  Designed for a British couple who want to spend several months of their year in sunny S.A. – this house is not “typically Hoedspruit“, both owners and architect are rather proud of this fact.

The outside paint colour was not by client or architect’s choice – it is unfortunately Estate prescribed and has been referred to as “Pumpkin Puke” by several parties… does not blend in very harmoniously with Bushveld colours.  A few things still have to be completed e.g. the kitchen island is still waiting for the perfect piece of wood as it’s counter (a temporary island counter has been installed). The clients are looking forward to finding beautiful pieces in off beat places to finish off their decorating.

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New Project Mapangubwe Private Reserve

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Exciting new eco project near Alldays, situated on the scenic Mapangubwe Private Nature Reserve 64 plots on a 3,500 hectare reserve. For further details see http://www.mapangubwepnr.com

Pontao Marapi, Vilanculous

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The luxury private beach house on the Sanctuary at Vilanculous, Mozambique has now been completed – 5 “sleeping” chalets, a main building with bar and pool and a 250m long jetty to a gazebo way out into the sea.  All wooden doors and windows were manufactured on site, including all wood carving work an exemplary example of local craftmanship.  Now that Pontao Marapi has been completed earnest attention can be given to our next project on the Sanctuary, which should commence early May 2010.

Our new lodge on the Sanctuary, Vilanculous, Mozambique

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Intersect Architects is tackling the next lodge on the Sanctuary, Vilanculous – Mozambique!!  This lodge will be situated adjacent to the lodge being currently completed and is owned by the same owner.  Where the first lodge is their private lodge – the new project will be syndicated for fractional ownership.  The lodge will consist of a main building with six separate suites.  Should anyone be interested in fractional ownership for this property, please free to contact us.  This blog will be updated with additional pics as soon as they are completed.

Running Free – Horse Stables

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Scraping in before the start of the December holidays is the completion of a 5 star Horse Stable in Kyalami.  The design is contemporary and loosely based on American Stable architecture incorporating rusted door hinges, bolts and lights – the building is surprisingly cool during summer due to a number of vents that have been included in the roof structure.  A Coffee Shop/Club House for owners of stabled horses, has also been provided adjacent to the stables.

Beach Lodge on the Sanctuary – Vilanculous

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Robin and the Client (with a few additional guests) did a quick fly in and out “site visit” yesterday to the lodge on the Sanctuary, Vilanculous – Mozambique.  The project is now fast nearing completion, with the ironmongery order from France having arrived on site ready for installation.  Materials on this project had to be brought over to the Sanctuary by dhouw- the wood, stone, cement, etc. which made a normal day’s building a tad bit more difficult.  All the doors and windows for the project were purpose made and carved on site, by local Mozambican craftsmen and then treated to look “weathered and old” – this I might add, the local craftsmen found very confusing!

New Bush Lodge “Nyala” goes on site at Welverdiend

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Our latest lodge went on site at the Welverdiend Estate (newly named Kaya Ndlovu), just outside Hoedspruit on the 2nd of November 2009.  The completion date has been postponed to August 2010 due to our UK clients being unable to get to S.A. as result of the World Cup – who would have thought the soccer would have an impact on a lodge just outside Hoedspruit …. far from any of the soccer matches.  The architectural pictures do not do the site justice, as it situated on the edge of a deep dry river bed with awesome views of Mariepskop and the Drakensberg.




“Plantation” project in Thornybush

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August 2009 saw the completion of a luxury private bush lodge in Thornybush.  This project had its own unique set of problems that architects don’t have to deal with on normal building sites – hiding from charging elephants to a pride of lions wondering right through the building site on their way to a morning’s hunt.  Site meetings, therefore, ran on a different par – try hiding in a loo, then realise there is no door to the loo, and that the “visiting cat” could walk right in to grab a bite …  On another site in the Timbavati 5000 litre empty water tanks were delivered on site, a couple of days later when the building team arrived – no tanks, lots of footprints though – the elephants had decided the tanks were their latest “toys”, they had tossed (tusk puncture marks) and rolled the tanks for 2km into the veld!