Bushveld Terrace Hotel and The Hat & Creek, Phalaborwa Gate

On the 31st of May 2014, Robin and I left Bramasole very early in the morning for Phalaborwa – an exciting day was ahead of us, as it was to be the official opening of the Bushveld Terrace Hotel at 4pm in the afternoon – and there was still lots more to do!  Three of our Bramasole ladies went with Sean (our driver) as Robin had volunteered their services and guest house experience – to ensure that all was ready for the big day.  When the project started it was to be a restaurant, line shops (which included a florist, biltong shop, Melville & Moon) and action cricket venue. Half way through the project it suddenly turned into a restaurant and fully-fledged hotel!  Both the architect and the builder had to keep their wits about them with the brief changing so quickly and in mid stride.

The end result of the project is a restaurant and hotel, uniquely situated at the Phalaborwa gate to the Kruger National Park.  Also included in the project was the renovation of an existing old house into a guest house – so the premises now boasts an amazing restaurant (the Tempura Prawns are to die for – they taste better than at the sea – and this deep in the Bushveld!), a hotel and guest house.

AHP (113 of 150) AHP (53 of 55)

AHP (5 of 55) AHP (37 of 138) AHP (42 of 55)

AHP (22 of 31) AHP (22 of 138) AHP (110 of 138) AHP (117 of 150) AHP (120 of 138) AHP (134 of 138)

All photos by Andrew Howes Photography


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